Year-Round Bargains – Reminders on Booking Cheap Transfers

That time of year is well and truly upon us again where nobody has a penny to spare and another year of economising looms menacingly ahead. Of course, none of this will prove enough to put millions off the idea of their annual ski jaunts to the French Alps, but economise they must and search for means to make savings they will.

As such, this is probably the best time of the whole year to once again look at some of the stunning savings that can be made in Geneva Airport transfer fees, just by adding a little common sense and cunning to the process. And if unconvinced that said savings are worth bothering with, try reductions of up to 50% for nothing more than knowing what to do when making a reservation.

So, here goes:

Midweek Bookings

It really isn’t a secret anymore – or at least it shouldn’t be – those who book their transfers for days right in the middle of the week will usually be eligible to discounts as high as 50%, even if travelling in the most pleasant and sociable hours of the day. What’s more, the added bonus of travelling midweek is quieter service and quieter roads, which means less time on the bus and more time on the slopes…or at the bar, as you wish! Midweek discounts are something of an industry standard now so don’t go booking with any provider charging the same full-whack seven-days a week…it’s money down the drain!

Off-Peak Services

And following on from the above, midweek is only good if it doesn’t happen to be during one of the peak times of the year. Sadly, a Wednesday in the middle of the Christmas holiday ski season isn’t going to come any cheaper, so be sure to factor in peak times when looking to book a holiday and those all-important transfers.

Red-Eye Services

You’re going to have to sleep at some point during your stay, so why not sleep away the flight to Geneva and snooze yourself silly on the warm, quiet and comfy two-hour resort transfer when you get there? Why waste your time sleeping in Les Arcs when you could by flying don’t the slopes? And why not save a good 50% in the process? Yep – consider a slightly less-social hour of the day for your transfers and the prices tumble.

Go Shared

If travelling alone or with just one or two others, chances are a shared transfer service will be much cheaper than a private vehicle. True, you’ll have to be willing to share the same breathing space with dozens of others on their annual jollies, but it really isn’t like you’re on the coach for that long and the savings might just keep you in hot chocolate for the week.

Go Private

And to the contrary, if you’re travelling with at least six people or so, there’s a pretty good chance that the lot of you could pool together for a luxurious, executive private transfer service for cheaper than the standard bus. Long story short – look at both options and don’t rule either out.